September 2019

August 2019

Pep Costa MT 2019

Spanish skipper Pep Costa will take the start line at the 2019 Mini Transat. With just 20 years old he is the youngest Spanish skipper to ever compete in the Mini Transat and he will be the youngest in this year’s prototype class. He will be covering over 4000 miles solo in his 6.5m carbon proto N 431! The race starts at La Rochelle (FRA) with a stop over at Las Palmas (ESP) and across the Atlantic to Martinique (FRA). It will be an epic race and it is considered one of the summits of single-handed sailing; where everything starts: skipper, boat, no external assistance, no online weather routing or sat communications. Follow and support Pep in this great challenge! You can support Pep by direct donations: or you can benefit of a 15% discount and further donation to his campaign by purchasing at our webshop with this code: PepMT2019 .

April 2019

Introducing SOFT-GRIP Technology

MORFRAC Systems manufacturer of the MORFBLOCK is proud to introduce it latest development: SOFT-GRIP technology. Introduced into the market in late 2017, the MORFBLOCK has been a great addition to many exciting boats: TP52, Class 40, Mini 650, Nacra 17 and soft wings among others. The MORFBLOCK has proven itself in the most demanding applications with great success and has been evolving right from its launch. MORFBLOCK sheaves are manufactured in 6082-T6 Aluminium by CNC machining. Raul Armero, production manager and CNC machining specialist explains: “our sheaves are precisely machined with very tight tolerances and a very smooth finish. When combined with a high grade anodizing the result is a very low coefficient of friction; this is great for a higher block efficiency, but it also provides a very low friction surface for ropes. In order to increase the performance in wide operation angles and with technical ropes we have now introduced the SOFT-GRIP.” The SOFT-GRIP Technology introduces a series of precisely machined dimples on the sheave grove (comparable to a golf ball surface); these create a higher contact area between sheave and rope which becomes more efficient as the rope is loaded. The SOFT-GRIP is a non-abrasive surface and does not compact the fibres; protecting your lines at all times. The SOFT-GRIP Technology is offered as standard on both the MORFBLOCK XL range and  standard range.

Gets better with Marlow

Morfrac Systems manufacturer of the Morf Block is proud to announce its latest partnership with Marlow Ropes. Nicolas Goldenberg from Morfrac Systems comments “Ropes are a key component of our Morf Blocks, having a close relation with the manufacturer is vital for our product development. Partnering with a high-quality rope manufacture such as Marlow enables us boost our products from early stages.” As a result, the complete Morf Block range has been updated with Marlow’s range of Dyneema® D12 SK78, D12 SK99, Chafe Covers and Whipping Twine taking our blocks to the next level. Leisure Marine Director Paul Honess comments “Our collaborative partnerships with other manufacturers within the Leisure Marine industry are an important part of Marlow’s brand values, pushing our own R&D and rope innovations to the next level and ensuring that we continue to make world leading products for sailors across the world.” Morfrac Systems team now counts with the support and knowledge of a world-leading rope manufacturer providing tools for further product development and ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of technology. Additionally, Morfrac Systems will now offer a wide range of Marlow ropes available at our new website and online store.

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