MORFRAC & AWS give you wings

MORFRAC & AWS give you wings

Advanced wing systems and Morfrac to bring wing sails technology to the broader sailing industry

AWS and MORFRAC announced a partnership with the objective of transferring AC technology to any sized yacht, from daysailers to superyachts.

Thanks to the 36th America’s Cup, many sailing enthusiasts around the world (re)discovered the soft wing, a combination of a twin skin mainsail and a D-shaped mast that allowed the spectacular AC75s to fly their 7.5 tonnes of technology above the New Zealand waters.

Founded in 2012, Advanced Wing Systems pioneered the resurgence of this almost 100-year-old invention and patented the Semi Rigid Wing (SRW), a simple, robust and versatile system that made them official supplier to NYYC American Magic for the 36th America’s Cup.

“AWS are the world leaders of soft wing sail design” said Nicolás Goldenberg, Head of Design at Morfrac. “We have been successfully working together on a number of opportunities and we decided that it was time to formalize our partnership and keep integrating the SRW and our products and solutions.”

“Morfrac is helping us get the more out our SRW” said Greg Johnston, co-founder and CEO of AWS. “They support us with their engineering in the design of mast, rigging and wing control systems and provide us with blocks, furling systems, and a quantity of custom designed components.” “With this partnership, that follow our alliance with Quantum Sails, we intend to offer more comprehensive solutions, even better service to our clients and make our technology available at a very reasonable price point to yachts of any size.”

Advanced Wing Systems

AWS is an early leader in the concept of soft-wing sails. The SRW is a light, user-friendly, affordable wing suited for virtually any boat.

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Morfrac Systems specializes on developing simple, light, reliable and performing sailing yacht hardware and turnkey engineering solutions.

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