powerfurl. official furling system for Farr X2

powerfurl. official furling system for Farr X2

Farr Yacht Sales Australasia and Morfrac Systems are proud to announce their new partnership.

Farr Yacht Sales Australasia and Morfrac Systems signed an agreement that makes of Morfrac the Official Supplier of Furling Systems for the performance 30-footer Farr X2®.

The Farr X2® project was launched in 2020 and it immediately generated a lot of interest. Three boats have been sold since and the idea of a Class is taking shape. “With the interest building up and construction running, we started looking at furling systems. Morfrac powerfurl. made our choice very easy” said Bret Perry, Head of Farr Yacht Sales Australasia. “Our goal is to offer the most performing solutions available on the market to X2s owners, and Morfrac’s powerfurl. are truly impressive.”

The Farr X2® sails inventory features up to 5 furling sails. Furling systems are a key element for a smooth experience and high performances, especially when you are short on crew. “We have a passion for shorthanded sailing, and we are aware of the importance of reliable furling systems when you are sailing solo or with a small crew”, said Nicolás Goldenberg, Head of Design at Morfrac. “Our powerfurl. are designed to be trouble-free, easy to maintain and to ensure your sail goes away exactly when and how you need it.”

The first X2® will hit the water in Sydney in July 2021. Stay tuned!

Farr X2®

Farr X2 new shorthanded race boat from Farr Yacht Design. A result of our passion for sailing and the need for performance. We are now taking orders. Secure your new Farr X2®!

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Morfrac Systems specializes in on developing simple, light, reliable and performing sailing yacht hardware. Our new powerfurl. range covers yachts from 20ft to superyachts.

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