November 2022

mreel. – the wheel, reinvented

Marine Rigging Services (MRS) and Morfrac Systems (MORFRAC) are excited to introduce mreel. The first production reeler system, featuring a light, clean, original design combined with smart manufacturing techniques and innovative materials. The mreel. will make its premiere at the METSTRADE, taking place in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 November.
mreel. from MRS and MorfracMORFRAC and MRS partnership was born with the idea of putting the experience, knowledge, and engineering capabilities of the two companies at work together to develop solutions that would make the life onboard easier and improve the overall sailing experience. The mreel. is the first result of this joint development venture.The mreel. is a clever solution with effortless installation into any existing set up. The efficient pump action ratchet or automatic actuation makes for a speedy and tidy spool of your loose ends, saving time, and minimising risk on the racecourse.The 3D printed parts combined with an innovative design, gives the mreel. an ultra-lightweight and uncompromised finish. Along with the use of non-corrosive high-end materials and precision manufacturing techniques, the mreel. supports an intuitive and simple self-assembly. In addition, thanks to the generous bonding surface, the installation onboard can be done with ease using only one pack, off the shelf adhesives. Installation in a matter of hours rather than days!mreel. from MRS and MorfracThe mreel. has arrived to transform your cockpit.
The extensive depth of knowledge accumulated by MRS with regards to these systems, has been critical in developing a product that addresses all known faults and operational issues from past systems. As a result of this development, we have significantly reduced installation costs, allows for modular upgrade options, made readily available spares that are common across the entire range!
See it working at METSTRADE 2022 – Hall 03 Stand 323.

May 2021

MORFRAC & AWS give you wings

Advanced wing systems and Morfrac to bring wing sails technology to the broader sailing industry AWS and MORFRAC announced a partnership with the objective of transferring AC technology to any sized yacht, from daysailers to superyachts. Thanks to the 36th America’s Cup, many sailing enthusiasts around the world (re)discovered the soft wing, a combination of a twin skin mainsail and a D-shaped mast that allowed the spectacular AC75s to fly their 7.5 tonnes of technology above the New Zealand waters. Founded in 2012, Advanced Wing Systems pioneered the resurgence of this almost 100-year-old invention and patented the Semi Rigid Wing (SRW), a simple, robust and versatile system that made them official supplier to NYYC American Magic for the 36th America’s Cup. “AWS are the world leaders of soft wing sail design” said Nicolás Goldenberg, Head of Design at Morfrac. “We have been successfully working together on a number of opportunities and we decided that it was time to formalize our partnership and keep integrating the SRW and our products and solutions.” “Morfrac is helping us get the more out our SRW” said Greg Johnston, co-founder and CEO of AWS. “They support us with their engineering in the design of mast, rigging and wing control systems and provide us with blocks, furling systems, and a quantity of custom designed components.” “With this partnership, that follow our alliance with Quantum Sails, we intend to offer more comprehensive solutions, even better service to our clients and make our technology available at a very reasonable price point to yachts of any size.”
Advanced Wing Systems AWS is an early leader in the concept of soft-wing sails. The SRW is a light, user-friendly, affordable wing suited for virtually any boat. More info: +61 419942406 MORFRAC Morfrac Systems specializes on developing simple, light, reliable and performing sailing yacht hardware and turnkey engineering solutions. More info: +34 692461297

April 2021

powerfurl. official furling system for Farr X2

Farr Yacht Sales Australasia and Morfrac Systems are proud to announce their new partnership. Farr Yacht Sales Australasia and Morfrac Systems signed an agreement that makes of Morfrac the Official Supplier of Furling Systems for the performance 30-footer Farr X2®. The Farr X2® project was launched in 2020 and it immediately generated a lot of interest. Three boats have been sold since and the idea of a Class is taking shape. “With the interest building up and construction running, we started looking at furling systems. Morfrac powerfurl. made our choice very easy” said Bret Perry, Head of Farr Yacht Sales Australasia. “Our goal is to offer the most performing solutions available on the market to X2s owners, and Morfrac’s powerfurl. are truly impressive.” The Farr X2® sails inventory features up to 5 furling sails. Furling systems are a key element for a smooth experience and high performances, especially when you are short on crew. “We have a passion for shorthanded sailing, and we are aware of the importance of reliable furling systems when you are sailing solo or with a small crew”, said Nicolás Goldenberg, Head of Design at Morfrac. “Our powerfurl. are designed to be trouble-free, easy to maintain and to ensure your sail goes away exactly when and how you need it.” The first X2® will hit the water in Sydney in July 2021. Stay tuned!
Farr X2® Farr X2 new shorthanded race boat from Farr Yacht Design. A result of our passion for sailing and the need for performance. We are now taking orders. Secure your new Farr X2®! More info: +61 484 373 304 MORFRAC Morfrac Systems specializes in on developing simple, light, reliable and performing sailing yacht hardware. Our new powerfurl. range covers yachts from 20ft to superyachts. More info: +34 692461297

March 2021

3D Printing – A Success Story spoke to Nicolas Goldenberg about 3D printing, new materials, smart manufacturing processes... In recent years, 3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing processes. Expiring patents have caused 3D printing costs to plunge and quality to soar, granting opportunities for small-scale manufacturers to experiment – and excel – with 3D printing. We spoke to Nicolas Goldenberg, founder of Morfrac Systems, to discuss how 3D printing has contributed to the success of their iconic product, the morfblock. ‘We started experimenting with 3D printing in 2015. Since then, me and the Morfrac team put a lot of time into it. At some point, I had four different printers in my living room,’  Nicolas says. ‘At the beginning, the idea was to use 3D printing to fast-track prototyping and testing. Soon enough, we realised that with a fine-tuned design and the right materials 3D printing could become a reliable manufacturing process.’ ‘We searched for the best modular, customisable printers, we tweaked them to suit our needs and work with the top-performing materials available on the market. And here we are today, pioneering the use of 3D printing in numerous marine applications.’ What are the benefits of 3D printing for a small-scale manufacturer?
  • Cost-Efficient For small volumes, 3D printing is more cost efficient than CNC machining and injection moulding.
  • Accurate A 3D printer can achieve highly complex designs with a high degree of precision.
  • Control 3D printing allows for superior control in the manufacturing process. ‘For example, you can alter the finish by changing the direction of the printhead or the density of the material,’ Nicolas says.
  • Batch Size 3D printing frees manufacturers from large batches and offers flexibility. It enables firms to respond and adapt to demand, reducing unwanted stock and waste.
  • Fast Turn-Around 3D printing streamlines the prototype production process. ‘You can do the design at a given moment in a given place, and a 3D printer can print it wherever and whenever you want. At Morfrac we implemented a smart cloud-based manufacturing system: the designer can launch, control and intervene in the production from an app. I like to say that my favourite spot of the workshop is my couch.’ Nicolas says.
  • Optimisation 3D printing means agility; there are always opportunities for design modification and improvement. ‘3D printing also grants the ability to easily make custom products,’ Nicolas says.
3D printing seems like a flexible and cost-efficient solution. There are many 3D printers out there – what’s the difference? Filament This printer uses raw materials in filament form which are inserted into the printer and heated up. Once heated, the material printhead ‘prints’ the shape layer by layer, extruding the filament through a nozzle.
Advantages Disadvantages Uses
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Versatile
  • Quality output
  • Slow speed (for mass production)
  • Prototypes
  • Structural parts
  • Working mechanical parts
SLA (Stereolithography) An SLA printer uses a tank of liquid resin. A laser or UV light is used to cure the resin, creating a solid shape which emerges from the tank layer by layer. The excess resin is then washed away.
Advantages Disadvantages Uses
  • Superior surface finish
  • Reduced range of materials available
  • Fragile output which cannot take load
  • Costly
  • Cosmetic details
  • Prototypes
  • Not used for final products or mechanical outputs
SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) An SLS printer is the ‘next level’, reaping the benefits of both a filament printer and an SLA printer. Raw materials are inserted in a powdered form, and the printer utilises a laser beam to melt and solidify the powder. 
Advantages Disadvantages Uses
  • Wide range of materials, including nylon
  • Superior surface finish
  • Health risks of powder
  • Expensive (cost is comparable to a CNC machine)
  • Cosmetic details
  • Prototypes
  • Structural parts
  • Working mechanical parts
  A filament printer seems to offer a perfect balance. ‘That’s our choice: ample personalisation possibilities and wide range of engineering materials available. At Morfrac, we have developed our own UV-stable, extra-resistant and ultra-light proprietary filament. We use it for our morfblockspowerfurl components, R&D, prototyping, and to build mock-ups of CNC products. In addition to that, we are 3D printing an increasing number of custom components for our clients who start showing interest in these solutions both for temporary fixes and permanent solutions onboard.’  Nicolas says. morfblock - 3D printed cheeks morfblock 3D printed cheeks How do you predict 3D printing will impact the marine industry in the future? ‘In the future, I envision there will be a lot going on with composite materials, such as nylon and carbon fibre. Next generation printers are focusing on aluminium, titanium and precious metals in the marine market,’ Nicolas says.

January 2021

MORFRAC Made in Spain

Llega al mercado el primer enrollador para velas 100% Made in Spain  La valenciana Morfrac Systems presenta la primera línea de enrolladores para velas integralmente diseñados y fabricados en España. La gama completa abarcará las necesidades de veleros de 6 a 30 metros, tanto de crucero como de regata. Y de cara al futuro, MORFRAC se propone afianzarse en el mundo de la vela GP de los superyates. Morfrac es una empresa fundada en la primavera de 2019 como resultado de la confluencia de diversas experiencias y saberes en campos que van de la arquitectura naval a la vela de competición, del diseño de herrajes de cubierta al mecanizado de alta precisión. Las oficinas y el taller de la joven empresa valenciana se encuentran a escasos kilómetros al norte de Valencia, “unas al lado del otro” como subraya con orgullo Nicolás Goldenberg, cofundador de la empresa. La cercanía física y organizativa entre los diseñadores, los comerciales y los técnicos de producción es uno de los puntos fuertes de la marca. “Todo lo que se desarrolla y diseña en MORFRAC, se plasma en uno o más prototipos, se ensaya y finalmente se convierte en nuestros productos… y todo bajo un mismo techo”. Esta es la fórmula ganadora de MORFRAC, y los hechos lo confirman. MORFRAC ha obtenido el pasado mes de octubre una patente europea para sus innovadoras y ultraligeras poleas morfblock., que revolucionan el mundo de las poleas, con cuerpos completamente impresos en 3D y cojinetes solidos auto-lubricantes de geometría adaptativa.El 2021 empieza con el lanzamiento del último llegado en casa MORFRAC: el enrollador de velas powerfurl., el primero diseñado y fabricado en España al 100%. Se trata de un enrollador sencillo, funcional, robusto y con un diseño cuidado en todos sus detalles. Construidos con los mejores materiales de grado marino, Powerfurl es además extraordinariamente ligero, característica de una importancia crucial a bordo, sobre todo para los amantes de las regatas. “Estamos enormemente satisfechos con nuestros enrolladores. Conseguimos un producto que destaca por sus características técnicas y su sencilla elegancia” continua Nicolás, “nuestra idea era de maximizar las prestaciones y la seguridad y minimizar el peso, y lo conseguimos en pleno: los Powerfurl tienen la mejor relación peso/carga de trabajo del mercado y un alto factor de seguridad”, concluye satisfecho.