Introducing SOFT-GRIP Technology

Introducing SOFT-GRIP Technology

MORFRAC Systems manufacturer of the MORFBLOCK is proud to introduce it latest development: SOFT-GRIP technology.

Introduced into the market in late 2017, the MORFBLOCK has been a great addition to many exciting boats: TP52, Class 40, Mini 650, Nacra 17 and soft wings among others. The MORFBLOCK has proven itself in the most demanding applications with great success and has been evolving right from its launch.

MORFBLOCK sheaves are manufactured in 6082-T6 Aluminium by CNC machining. Raul Armero, production manager and CNC machining specialist explains: “our sheaves are precisely machined with very tight tolerances and a very smooth finish. When combined with a high grade anodizing the result is a very low coefficient of friction; this is great for a higher block efficiency, but it also provides a very low friction surface for ropes. In order to increase the performance in wide operation angles and with technical ropes we have now introduced the SOFT-GRIP.”

The SOFT-GRIP Technology introduces a series of precisely machined dimples on the sheave grove (comparable to a golf ball surface); these create a higher contact area between sheave and rope which becomes more efficient as the rope is loaded. The SOFT-GRIP is a non-abrasive surface and does not compact the fibres; protecting your lines at all times.

The SOFT-GRIP Technology is offered as standard on both the MORFBLOCK XL range and  standard range.